Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Speed Master

Speed master
It was then that I got on the speed master with With my sister Then a dozen more people came on and we taste a big whoosh of cold air going into my lungs and the smell of fresh hot chips . It was then that it hit me. The machine started. We can hear the squeaking of it.We went flying and spinning in the air over and over getting squashed by the wall. About ten minutes later, it stopped, We pull up the slippery feeling bar and leave. Thank goodness.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Bowline                                          figure of eight

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Taylar and I made 2D and 3D shapes from playdo and mini sticks.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Poems

My Shape Poem.

I made a poem and it is the shape of a dog and it has words describing it to outline it. I drew the outline of it first then I wrote the words and rubbed out at the same time.

My Acrostic poem

The weather is terrible
Hats would just blow away
Even rain is coming down  

Weather is really bad
Everything outside is wet
As the rain hits the ground
The sky must hate us!
Heat has disappeared
Everything is cold
Rain is now here
By Anelise

my bio poem

My Bio poem

Daughter of  Irene & Steve Hughan
Who is happy learning about all new things
Sister of Ruby Hughan & Rachel Muir
Who feels excited about playing with her friends, and being with her friends.
Who needs family, love,  friendship (and cats!)
Who fears Spiders.
Who would like to meet Tiffany Garcia, Olivia Holt and Bruno Mars
Who shares happiness, friendship and
Who lives in Hawkes Bay (used to be Wellington)



-Mrs Genet gave us some cardboard with one flat side and one crooked on the other
-pain one side of the cardboard
-wait till dry then paint over it
-while wet carve shape into it with a toothpick
-then splatter neon paint over top 
-sew a pattern with wool onto the cardboard
-then put your name on it to claim it as your own
There you have it a wonderful piece of art.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Free fail time. A.C Hughan

Free time fail

Anelise C Hughan

With about 13 minutes left of free time
Loads of people zooming round and round
I am waiting for green, makes me feel like eating a lime,
Wanting to turn around
Riding and really trying not to fall,
Following Taylar, going over bumps
Nearly crashing into a wall
Feeling like i’m on a camel hump
Going round the roundabout,
Stopping at give way signs,
I think I might fall but have a dought
And then without any realization,
I wobble,
And fall.
I slide and spin
Get back up,
I hesitate
Get back on and keep riding,
Feeling normal and bright again, feeling O.K,
And then   
   My knees start burning
                                                                      right before               

The whistle blows too eat. This was a free time fail. . . I thought.

I feel really dumb.

Friday, 1 May 2015

The cat room was usual enough.

The cat room was usual enough; it had
My cats, cat beds,cat food, a old chair
with cat hair on it, and even a small lonely couch
that never got sat on. My cats, my friend and I
did what cats and kids do - chase the dogs, feed the chicks peaches, walked around the house pretending to be swagger, crawled around the outside of the house and made funny noises outside Ruby's room. We went into the sheep paddock, get chased around.
Doing nothing important.

Anelise C Hughan