Friday, 23 May 2014

My Scary Story (The Monsters Lair)

writing invitations W.A.L.T write a scary story about camp(does not have to be real.)
                    The Monsters lair
          Chapter 1: curious Taylar
One day 4 girls were getting ready to go to camp, there names were Bella,Taylar,Jiwon and Anelise they had a lot of bags because they were staying for two whole weeks!
When we were getting in the car we all told stories about all of our other camping trips.  It took 3 hours to get there,but it was worth it... ‘‘we are here!’’ said Jiwon ‘‘there are lots of things to do in the forest’’. The first thing we did was put up our tent except... when we tried to whack in the sticks to hold it up, they wouldn't go in the ground. ‘‘Well that is interesting’’ said Bella curiously but then everybody started staring at Taylar because she was a genius. Taylar said ‘‘WHAT! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE ALWAYS STARING AT ME WHEN THERE IS A PROBLEM!’’ Bella started to give her a funny look, ‘‘oooh’’ said Taylar ‘‘i’m a genius’’... ‘‘YES! obviously’’said Anelise

‘‘well ok I guess I could give it a go’’ said Taylar.dungeon. ‘‘Stop!’’ said Bella ‘‘murrrrrrrrrr’’ said the zombies. Jiwon was just sitting on the floor saying ‘‘it came true it came true’ over and over again. Meanwhile Bella and Anelise were chasing and kicking the zombies that were carrying Taylar.
               Taylar used a magnifying glass to look at the ground she said ‘‘this is not grass and dirt this is cobblestone’’.
             Chapter 2 :breaking the stone
‘Everyone was weirded out, ‘what? Why would there be any cobblestone around here?’’ said Jiwon whacking the cobblestone with a loaf of bread.‘‘You know Jiwon that won’t make any difference’’ said Bella hitting it with a gold pickaxe (I know they bring weird stuff on a camping trip) Anelise used a iron pickaxe,‘‘hey’’ said Jiwon ‘‘have I ever told you the story of the missing girl?’’. ‘‘No’’ said Anelise and Bella together. Jiwon told them the story. Then just suddenly the cobblestone started to break ‘‘hey where is Taylar?’’ said Bella and Anelise,‘‘the story it has come to life’’ said Jiwon in a funny voice. Bella and Anelise both started laughing, the cobble stone cracked and they fell into this huge cobblestone cave ‘‘woooooah!’’ they said. ‘‘Hey I can hear something’’ said Anelise ‘‘yeah’’ said Bella ‘‘it almost sounds like Taylar screaming’’. ‘‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!’’ we all screamed, because we just saw some zombies carrying Taylar into the
                Chapter 3 :Saving Taylar
‘‘We will get you Taylar don’t worry’’ said Anelise ‘‘don’t freak out’’. ‘‘Then what do you think im doing?’’ said Taylar, ‘‘getting taken away by zombies’’ said Bella, ‘‘daaaa!’’ said Jiwon talking to herself. Bella and Anelise were running towards Taylar while Jiwon was crawling behind ‘‘what’s wrong with Jiwon?’’ shouted Taylar. ‘‘We don’t know’’ said Bella ‘‘well I think that she is overreacting about her story coming true’’ said Anelise. ‘‘Ahhhhh now can you help me out!?’’ said Taylar getting angry.‘‘Sure’’ said Bella, ‘‘sure sure sure, all you want. You’re not going to do anything good are you?’’ said Jiwon joking. ‘‘Seriously WHAT IS WRONG WITH JIWON?’’ shouted Taylar angrily. ‘‘Who knows?’’ said Bella.  
‘‘everyone’’said Anelise ‘‘naahhhh’’said Bella

Letter to the editor

 Letter to the editor
Dear editor I agree with Bernie, I think that if you are walking your dog you should definitely pick up their business because the dog might do business on someone elses property, would you like it to happen to you??????????    
Hawkes bay,havelock

                                                                                      File:Male German Shepherd Dog.