Monday, 11 May 2015

Free fail time. A.C Hughan

Free time fail

Anelise C Hughan

With about 13 minutes left of free time
Loads of people zooming round and round
I am waiting for green, makes me feel like eating a lime,
Wanting to turn around
Riding and really trying not to fall,
Following Taylar, going over bumps
Nearly crashing into a wall
Feeling like i’m on a camel hump
Going round the roundabout,
Stopping at give way signs,
I think I might fall but have a dought
And then without any realization,
I wobble,
And fall.
I slide and spin
Get back up,
I hesitate
Get back on and keep riding,
Feeling normal and bright again, feeling O.K,
And then   
   My knees start burning
                                                                      right before               

The whistle blows too eat. This was a free time fail. . . I thought.

I feel really dumb.

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